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Kstreet Cyber Cafe FAQ


♦Do I have to pay for KStreet Cyber Cafe?

No, KStreet Cyber Cafe is an absolutely free product. Any Person can download as a freeware software.

♦How does KStreet cyber café work?

It is a Client – Server application. The server application will be install in one pc, that pc will be cyber café server and the client application will be install on other terminal which will be cyber café client. Server will get all the information about the client like surfing detail, invoice detail, user detail, client in and out time, reports, etc. server can also transfer file with terminal pc.

♦I am using another cyber café Software before I start up using your product cyber café, can I import old application into new application?

Yes, we are providing a tool in which you can transfer old application to new application.

♦Is internet connection is required for running Kstreet cyber café?

Yes, Internet connection is required for completing user registration.

♦Can I close Kstreet Cyber Café Server when user is logged in?

Yes, you can close server when user is logged in.

♦Does Software backup store on the server?

Yes, software backup are store on the server. You can download the backup when you required.


♦Can I install Kstreet Cyber Café server and client application on same machine?

No, you cannot install both applications on same machine.

♦How can I install KStreet cyber café in my café?

You can install application by downloading from download link and install in your machine.

♦Which operating system does the KStreet cyber café support?

KStreet Cyber café support following operating system Window 7 Window XP Window 8 Our team is currently working on the upgrade to provide support for various other operating systems

Inventory Management

♦Is there any feature to sell your product and service in this application?

Yes, we are providing you the feature in which you can manage the product and service purchase and sales details.

Application Setting

♦How can I create multiple login in KStreet cyber café?

You can create multiple login from setting – Add employee You can add employee and permission.

♦Close applications on User logout what does this option enable?

Enabling this option will close all open applications when user logout or when session is closed

Database Maintenance

♦Can we schedule Backup?

Yes, we are providing backup in two ways 1) Manually backup You can take back up manually 2) Schedule backup There is also option for schedule backup in which you can schedule time for backup of database.

♦How do I restore backup that I have created?

You can restore the backup using the restore button and select the backup file.

♦How often should I take backups in KStreet cyber café?

We recommend you take a backup every day.

Printer Management

♦What is printer manager?

The Print Manager feature will allow you to monitor print jobs being sent to the printers in your cafe. Print Manager will provide capability to monitor multiple printers connected to the server/other machine as well as network printer connected directly to the local LAN. You can also automatically add printout to the User’s invoice.


♦How can I print reports from KStreet Cyber Cafe?

You can take out print from the available toolbar in reports.

♦What all financial reports does Cyber café manager provide?

Following are the financial reports provided by Cyber Café Manager: 1. Collection Reports 2. Adjustment Reports 3. Invoice Reports 4. Purchase Reports


♦How do I keep my server data safe?

Following are some points that will help you keep your Data safe: 1. Install KStreet Cyber Cafe Server on a separate machine and do not allow Users to use it for Internet Surfing. 2. Never leave your Server unattended – use the Lock server feature provided by KStreet Cyber Café, if you leave the Server for some 3. Never provide your login details to anybody. If you have more than one person who helps you manage your cafe, you can create employees for each one of them.time. 4. Use strong password for login. 5. Use the KStreet Cyber Café Backup tool (Settings -> Backup…) to take a backup of your system at least once a day. 6. Use the Scheduled Backup feature (Settings -> Scheduled Backup) which helps you automate your data backups.

♦I have forgotten the login/password – how can I get the password?

It is always advised to save your password in a secure place for future reference.

User Management

♦Can user login if server is not running?

No, user cannot login when cyber café is not running.

♦I want my user that user sit for particular time/Session. If time/session end then client should automatically logout, how can I do this?

For this you have to set session time in which your user can user terminal for given session. If session completed the terminal will be logout

♦What is "Re-Login Session" option?

If user logout mistakenly and want to resume the you can use re-login session by clicking right clicking on terminal and find Re-Login and click on it.

♦What is a difference between user and registered user?

User can login without login id and registered user can use given login detail to login

♦What is “Transfer Session” option?

If the one user client pc is not working properly then you can transfer that session to another Ideal pc using Transfer Session by right clicking on terminal and find Transfer session and click on it. The new popup will open in which you have to select the other ideal PC

♦What is File Transfer?

In file transfer you can transfer multiple file from one PC to another PC

♦What is web site tracking?

This is one of the feature given by cyber café application in you will be provided list of website access by client terminal.

KStreet Controller FAQ

♦Do I have to pay for K-Street Controller?

No, K-Street Controller is an absolutely free product. Any Person can download as a freeware software.

♦Is Internet connection required for running K-Street Controller?

Yes, Internet connection is required for completing the User Registrations. All over India which needs to be checked with the Live Server before a User record can be completed.

♦From Where can I check the new features of the application?

You can check the new features of K-Street Controller on our website: www.kstreethome.com

♦After installing K-Street Controller in my computer the use of power increases or decreases ?

After K-Street Controller installation your pc auto generates all setting of power saver. So you get K-Street Controller with power saver.


♦Can I install K-Street Controller Desktop on any computer ?

Yes, you can install K-Street Controller Desktop to any computer at home, office, School, College, and Organization.

♦Can I install K-Street Controller on Windows 7 or Windows 8? Which Operating Systems does K-Street Controller Support?

K-Street Controller supports the following Operating Systems from Microsoft:

   Windows XP

   Windows 7

   Windows 8

Our team is currently working on the upgrade to provide support for various other operating systems.

♦How do I install K-Street Controller in my home, office, School, College, organization?

To install K-Street Controller please Register here to get a free activation code. Download K-Street Controller Desktop from the Download page and install these on your terminals respectively using the activation code you received on your email after registration.

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